Storecaff is an ecommerce website. URL of this website is Storecaff is situated in United Kingdom. In order to get sated service from us, you should run into all these terms and conditions that we have imposed for you to avoid all the complications. This information can enlighten your wisdom about our service, policy, procedures and everything you need to know.


  • You are the one to blame for your own action as you are not allowed to act in an unlawful manner or in a way that could be considered abusive, defamatory.
  • Users are forbidden to publish any content as only vendors can publish content on this website.
  • We won’t allow any product or service for a trail. As it is a Dropshipping Company.
  • Users are allowed to sign up for an account if needed.
  • We offer to types of product -1. Physical Product   2. Digital Product
  • Every single person who is visiting our site is important for us so we won’t mind any visitor. Everyone can visit our site as we don’t have any specific age requirement for our visitors.
  • Customers are not allowed to return any product if it’s delivered to them so carefully choose your product.
  • Users can annihilate their orders within twelve hours in working days.
  • We won’t hesitate to terminate user accounts if they abuse our web site or violate terms and conditions.


It would be absurd of us if we receive any payment from you until we store your product in our warehouse so we won’t receive any payment before. In order to avoid all the chaos and confusion, we will let you know if our product that you have ordered is out of stock or not so that you can look for an alternative option or withdraw the order. Our communication source would be a mail address and phone number.


Your security is our top-notch priority. You won’t be betrayed in our care as we are aware of your comfort. Sometimes users use false information to create bunker on our work so Storecaff has a certain way to assure the accuracy of your information. We have imposed some payment method for you and they are-

  • Online Credit or Debit card payment
  • Paypal

Our customers will have a discount on some chosen products. It will take 3 business days to proceed your orders so if for some reason you need annulment you can do it within 12 hours, after that time you won’t be able to cancel your order. For your knowledge let us inform you that you can’t return any product or use it for a trial.


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of any successful business. We will always try our best to provide what is best for you. As gaining your trust is our top-notch priority for us we absolutely prohibited all possible illegal products which can cause trouble in your life. So we have listed some information you might be interested in

  • We won’t sell any products which are legally forbidden.
  • We would never sell those products which can create violence, hatred, religious intolerance or hurt peoples feeling racial, religiously or ethnically.
  • We will update our product from time to time so that you can have new products.
  • We will sell our product worldwide.
  • Pornographic products are forbidden here.
  • Some product comes with a discount so do not forget to check all the product carefully.
  • Flammable, explosive or hazardous chemical are forbidden.
  • Tobacco product such as cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco, chewing tobacco, and tobacco leaf is prohibited.
  • Colors vary between different monitors we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display will accurately reflect the actual product color.
  • Equipment specifically used for gambling is prohibited.


If your order placed we will be sent an email notification or get a phone call which will confirm that we have received your order. We will receive your order in all working days. When the purchase order of the buyer and the sales order of the seller agree, the orders become a contract between the buyer and seller.


As a customer, you have some responsibilities towards the company. As a customer, you have your rights to protect and empower you. Customers should know five responsibilities: critical awareness; action; social concern; environmental awareness; and solidarity. Generally speaking, the fundamental duty of every customer is to know their rights. The customer’s responsibility to be more alert and questioning about the use, price and quality of products and services. You are given the right to information therefore; you have the responsibility to ask questions. How much is this product? What can it do? Is it safe to use? What are its hazards to my health? These are very basic questions, and the answers to them are very important in guiding and assuring consumers to get the best value for their money. Products come with instructions and details. It is an important customer responsibility to read all the instructions that come with the product or service you’re buying.


We are fully aware of the fact that pricing is very important steps. We try to set the best price for you so that you won’t feel betrayed by us as your satisfaction is our top-notch priority. We have a fixed price according to our products quality, brand and quantity. Even if after that somehow you are not satisfied with the price, we can change it for you. So you can ask for bargaining.


Your order can get canceled when it went out of stock or you cancel it.Cancel Items or Orders. You can cancel items or orders that haven’t entered the shipping process yet. Order cancellation can be defined as the act of making an order for go. If the customer does not want an originally ordered product then a customer can decide to cancel an order within 6 hour after he ordered the product as our order process start after 6 hour. This means that the order no longer stands and Storecaff need not deliver the product.


When something is private to a person, it usually means that something is inherently special or sensitive to them that what we believe. The domain of privacy partially overlaps with (confidentiality), which can include the concepts of appropriate use, as well as protection of information that you provide. Security mostly refers to protection so we will protect your information. We won’t give your information to anyone as your security come first.


Where the Seller fails to ship the products within the agreed shipment time, the Seller shall obtain compliance from the Buyer before shipping the products. The customer and the Seller may reschedule the shipment date as agreed. If the Seller has not shipped the products at the time of receipt of the Refund application, the Seller shall liaise and negotiate with the Buyer, and arrange for shipment again upon mutual agreement, or ask for a resolution. Where the products are not delivered due to errors in the delivery information provided by the customer, the Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate with the customer to modify the delivery information or provide necessary assistance, and the additional costs so incurred shall be borne by the customer. If the Seller fails to ship the products on the agreed shipment date or the products cannot be delivered on the agreed date for the reasons attributable to the customer. shall not support customers claim against the Seller for late shipment or delivery.


For some specific reason, Storecaff can terminate accounts. As we all want a peaceful environment in order to keep everything organized sometime we have to take some hard steps. So those reasons are-

  • If we are unable to find out the accuracy of your account.
  • Sometime violation of different accounts can create all of the chaos in the site. And if it feels unavoidable so we can’t help but terminate that account.
  • Suspicious action can be terminated as it can be harmful. So we won’t avoid this kind of action.
  • We can terminate user accounts for security purpose.
  • If we verify false ID we won’t hesitate to terminate it immediately.
  • An act of unlawful manner can cause this kind of action.
  • If we notice any violation of rules.


You should abide by all the terms that we have set for you. As a condition of your access to and use of the Sites or Services, you agree that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using the Sites or Services. A user must be registered on the Sites to access or use some Services we provide. Further, Storecaff may reject User’s application for registration for any reason.

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